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 When Should You Contact Us?

The sooner the better.  That way if there is bad weather we have time to reschedule. Also, it is best to have portraits done before you spend too much time on the beach. That way if you get sunburned, it is after your portrait session. It is important that you look your best in your portraits.  Try to book your session early in your visit.

What Should You Wear

We recommend everyone dress similarly for family portraits.

Some families like their beach portraits in the standard khaki pants with a white shirt.  The pants don't have to be the same shade, but the closer the better.  It is important that you pay particular attention to the fabric of the shirt or dress.  Some fabrics are rather sheer and can be very noticeable in your portraits, so choose carefully.  If you are planning on your little girl wearing a white dress, please check the sheerness of the fabric when lit from behind.

Color is very popular.  Try to choose solid color tops in the same color scheme (blues, greens, coral, turquoise).  These can be worn with khaki, denim or white shorts or skirts.  Again it looks best with the same color scheme.  Please check for transparency when backlit.

If you are worried about shoes, don't.  You are on the beach.  Go barefoot.  It looks best.

It is often windy on the beach.  Bring a comb/brush.

The humidity is another factor.  Bring a towel or rag to blot your face with.  You will thank us for this suggestion when you see your images.

To keep the sand from sticking to your arms and legs, don't put on any lotions or oils before your session.

Last, relax.  Have fun with your session.�

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